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Narrow pass in Tiger leaping gorge

Yangshuo Countryside bike tour

Night tour to the greatwall at Gubei water town...

Cocktail party at Gubei Water town on the greatwall ...





China is one of the countries with the most abundant tourism resources in the world for both various types and functions. From the bottom of lake aiding in the turpan basin, 155m below sea level, to the highest peak of the world, mount Everest, 8848.13m above sea level, the absolute height difference is 9003m. China not only has a variety of zonal climate zones, but also has distinct tridimensional climate effects, especially in the hengduan mountain area, which is called "one mountain has four seasons and ten different days", there are not only various summer resorts in coastal areas, mountainous areas, high altitudes and high latitudes areas, but also there are the snow and ice world in top northeast, as well the hainan island for escaping the cold winter...Whether from the perspective of tourism resources supply or from the perspective of tourism consumption, China has all kinds of resources and elements of world tourism activities, which can be developed into various tourism products suitable for modern tourism trends. 


Now China is more and more popular worldwide, with so many years focusing on the China Inbound tourism, we have very good knowledge and experiences about China market. Our services cover all corners of China, including China mainland, Hongkong, Macau and Tibet; oversea partners from America, Europ, Oceania, Middle East, and also South/Southeast Asia.


Services including:

Standard FITs / Groups leisure tours.

Groups for Conferences / Incentive / Events.

Also Adventure trips and other tailormade tours.



Sincerely Looking forward to help you for your China arrangements !!! 





Corner of Forbidden City

Popular attractions 




Mutianyu Greatwall





Huangshan-Hongcun Village




Terra-Cotta Warriors




Pingyao Old Town Street




Chengdu Pand breeding center




Guilin - Yangshuo Li River




Yunnan- Dali Three Pagodas




Gansu-Zhangye Danxia Landform








Tibet-Lhasa Potala




Tibet-Zedang Yongbulakang




Tibet-Mountain Kailash




Dunhuang Crescent Spring




Local festivel in Guizhou








Longji Terraced fields




Shanghai Bund